The Training Center is a three-year ministry program of which the primary focus is to train and equip our men for the work of lay-ministry (Eph. 4:11-13, 2 Tim. 2:2) both within and outside of the church. We want the men of our church to understand their biblical role at all levels, which includes the local church, their family lives, at work, and among non-believers in the world. We emphasize the character of a man, the priority of applying Scripture to their everyday lives, and not just gaining knowledge of the Word of God.

Ephesians 2:10  tells us that God has predestined us to walk in good works. It is our desire to help men discern with clarity what those good works are for each of them, so that they may do so to the glory of God. Each of the three years of the Training Center focuses on different aspects of achieving that goal.

Year One is all about teaching the men the Bible. The first semester focuses on the Old Testament; the second semester on the New Testament. The men learn approximately 500 verse references from all books of the Bible. In addition, they learn the individual themes of each book of the Bible and lastly, ministry principles from those verses and themes.

Year Two is dedicated to systematic theology and practical theology. The first semester seeks to help the men gain a better understanding of systematic theology, followed by the second semester, which entails the practical aspects of theology. We believe that theology is not detached from our everyday lives, and therefore we seek to apply that theology to real life scenarios.

Year Three is all about discipleship and leadership. The first semester covers the biblical view and practice of discipleship in the context of the local church. The second semester focuses on godly leadership, understanding that all Christian men are called to be leaders within their home and church, thus positioning the Training Center men to utilize their gifts within the Body.

All three years of the Training Center develop a growing understanding of the Word of God and the meaning of discipleship, to sanctify our men towards a godly character, equipping them for whatever ministries God calls them to.

To be a part of the men’s Training Center we require that they regularly attend Christ Community Church and become members there. All men must begin with Year One.