On October 30, 1994, Christ Community Church held its first worship service. As more than 300 people excitedly flooded into Legion Hall at Finkbiner Park in Glendora, CA, a miracle of God was in the making.

Actually, the miracle began four days earlier as nineteen people met in a home, united and motivated by a burning desire to form a church where God’s Word would be preached without compromise. They had no pastor, no congregation, not even a location in which to meet. What they did have, however, was an unshakable faith that God would lead and provide for them. With that, they decided to start Christ Community Church.

And God blessed beyond anyone’s wildest expectations. Lance Sparks, who had been visiting his parents on the East Coast, returned and accepted the invitation to be the guest speaker. A local facility was secured. People, hearing about the formation of this new church, volunteered their skills and resources.

The first Sunday was an amazing sight. A small choir had been put together and was ready to minister. Sound and tape equipment had been brought in and put in place. Ushers were at every door. Greeters were stationed all around. People came from all directions carrying their own chairs for seating. There was even a nursery and Sunday School ready for the scores of children! What an experience it was to see so many people so eager to hear God’s Word.

That next week, Lance Sparks accepted the invitation to pastor this new church. Over the next few months, a staff of six was hired to oversee the administrative details and lead in the areas of Worship, Discipleship, Ambassadorship, and Stewardship.

CCC continued as a church on the move. After only five weeks, the church outgrew the facility at Finkbiner Park. A move was made to a local elementary school that provided more space and classrooms for the children. Over the next three years, CCC made two additional moves, sharing facilities with other local churches.

Finally, on June 13, 1999, CCC held its first service in a newly acquired facility in West Covina, CA. The miracle of this new facility provided the church with a permanent home and the ability to expand ministry throughout the week.

And the miracle continues. CCC has continued to grow as God has continued to bless and direct. We continue to look to our Lord and Savior for His direction. Our will is to be in His will. We have witnessed a marvelous work of God since that first Sunday in October 1994, and we are praying that a marvelous work will continue as we seek to be the kind of church that God wants us to be. As our purpose statement says, our passion is to pursue Christ, our priority is to portray Christ, our purpose is to proclaim Christ, and our practice is to praise Christ.