Christ Community Church’s What We Believe Statement implies several affirmation and denials:

We affirm that marriage is between one man and one woman.

We deny the legitimacy of a union before God that consists of two men, two women, one man with multiple women, and one woman with multiple men.

We affirm that sexual relationships are directly correlated to sexual identity.

We deny that the institution of marriage sole purpose is for procreation.

We affirm that the act of sex is embedded in humanity’s nature as man and woman.

We deny that the act of sex is merely functional for procreation.

We affirm that it is only possible for one man and one woman to participate in a sexual relationship at a given time.

We deny the legitimacy of any sexual relationship that is unnatural because it involves anything other than one man and one woman.

We affirm the desire of men and woman to pursue marriage despite any inability there may be to procreate.

We deny that a marriage has lesser status because of the couple’s inability to bear children.

We affirm all human beings are born broken because of sin.  The disease of sin gives rise to many symptoms that are unnatural and ungodly, including sexual sins (hetero and homosexual).

We deny any sin as able to keep one from the saving work of Christ.

We affirm that Christ can transform any individual (1 Cor. 6:11).

We deny that an individual who believes they have a bend toward a particular sin should continue in their ungodliness or claim that God designed them that way.

We affirm sexual moral codes of the Old Testament and the sexual ethics of the New Testament.

We deny any teaching that interprets the moral codes and sexual ethics of the Bible as dated and unrelated to this current time.

We affirm that heterosexual marriage as defined and described in God’s Word is best for society and is the only biological possibility.

We deny the idea that individuals should be allowed to marry whoever they love regardless of sexual identity as this would lead to many absurd and immoral unions.

We affirm that God, out of His goodness, love, grace, and sovereignty, creates each person as male or female.

We deny that humans have the ability to change their God-given sexual identity through mere biological and anatomical changes.

We affirm that marriage is between one man, who has always been a man, and one woman, who has always been a woman.

We deny the legitimacy of any union before God that is not heterosexual as defined by the participant’s sex from birth.

We affirm that the blood of Jesus Christ is able to save any sinner from the penalty, power, and one day the presence of sin (1 Cor. 6:11Titus 3:5-7).